Make the Most of Massachusetts

Embrace your new Massachusetts home with a passion. Take advantage of all there is to see and do in your area. Since your contract is temporary, you have a set number of weeks to explore and experience the major attractions and the quiet joys of being a temporary resident in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Climate and Weather
See the high and low temps all year round, as well as rainfall.

CIS: Welcome to Massachusetts!
A practical guide to living in the state, with cost of living, helpful hints and more.

Massachusetts Media Outlets
Lists every newspaper, magazine, radio channel and TV station in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Department of Education
Find out all the details on the quality of education in Massachusetts, including national ranks, test scores and future plans.

Massachusetts Dining Guide
Read descriptions and reviews of restaurants throughout the state.

Guide to Boston Travel and Tourism
Read about everything there is to do in Boston, from shopping to sightseeing.